History of Glendaruel

The old name of the Glen is Glenduisk, meaning “The Glen of Blackwater”. About 1110 a battle was fought between Mekan, King of Norway (son of Magnus Barefoot) and the Gaels. The invaders were defeated and the slaughtered were thrown into the River Ruail, hence Glen-da-Ruail meaning Glen of Red Blood. The name of the Glen was anglicised to Glendaruel.


Glendaruel house

The caravan park has grown up in the grounds of the former Glendaruel House, now one of Argyll’s lost mansions. The house burnt down in 1970 (whilst it was a hotel). All that now remains has been converted to a campers kitchen, some walls have been retained as a feature.


Lucknow gates

It is said that the old gates at the farmer main entrance were named to commemorate the relief of the siege of Lucknow which was led by General Sir Colin Campbell.


Kilmodan Church

St. Modan, to whom the church is dedicated, was an early Celtic saint who lived about the time of St. Columba. His original chapel is said to have been on the hillside to the East of the present church, but the site has not so far been located. There are the ruins of a small building which some archaeologists believe to be St Modan’s original chapel.


carved stones from the 13th – 15th Century

The Lapidarium at the bottom of the church yard contains interesting carved stones dating from the 15th Century.